Zonal Meeting: Tamale and Navrongo-Bolgatanga Meet

Commissioned volunteers of Tamale and Navrongo-Bolgatanga zones met together in Tamale.

The joint Zonal Meeting took place at the Youth Centre, Feb. 18-20, and brought together representatives of all cluster teams in the two zones.

The purpose of the meeting was to review their activities in the past year and to plan anew for 2022. The meeting also discussed challenges they face in their respective teams where some solutions were suggested to enable them work effectively.

Volunteers in the plenary

It was an opportunity to reconnect with colleagues as a family and draw inspiration from one another.

The commissioned, are trained volunteer facilitators of the SELL Programme. As extended members of the SELL Resource Team, the support of commissioned volunteers is crucial in helping the Team reach out to many communities in operational zones.

Commissioned Volunteers in Team Planning

They have put together a series of activities to be undertaken in the months ahead for the benefit of other young people.

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  1. May God continue to bless the good work you have been doing and to enable us to reach out to more people 🌻🥰

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