Youth equipped with coping skills for improved well-being

To help young people explore how inner healing can help them break cycles of violence, a Rising from Resilient Roots (RRR) workshop was organized in Tinga of the Bole District in the Savannah Region.

It took place, May 13-14, and brought together youth from various communities in the area. Participants were taken through activities which encouraged self-reflection and taught them new coping skills that foster hope and well-being in themselves and by extension, their families and communities.

The Walking at the workshop

They shared in diverse ways how to develop a positive view of themselves and build hope for the future, based on their skills, achievements, and what they have learned from their lives so far, despite its challenges.

The young adults were also allowed to envision peace in their communities and the important role they can play to ensure they consolidate the peace they currently enjoy.

At the end of the two-day workshop, participants shared that tolerating and embracing diversity of cultures is central to building communities where they can all co-exist.

Group photograph after the workshop

The RRR workshop is part of the Sahel Peace Initiative (SPI) project of the Catholic Relief Services (CRS). In Ghana, it is being implemented with partnership from Catholic Dioceses in the Tamale Ecclesiastical Province, SELL Ghana and other stakeholders.

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