Yendi Zone: First Training Organized For Volunteer Facilitators

The Sharing Education and Learning for Life (SELL) Programme Ghana has held its first training for new volunteer facilitators in the Yendi Zone.

The training which took place on February 3-7, 2021 at the St. Martin’s Pastoral Centre in Yendi – Northern Region, brought together young adults from various communities and some representatives from the Muslim community. The 5-day interfaith programme focused on the Self Awareness unit of the SELL Programme. It preceded a selection process held last year.

The SELL Resource Team introduced participants to various facets of the unit. Conducted in open and group sessions, it afforded participants the opportunity to learn practical processes to enable them to carry out similar workshops in their respective communities in the Yendi Zone.
The participants thoroughly engaged facilitators on wide-ranging issues on Self Awareness and tapped into ideas that will enhance their ability to share meaningfully with other young adults.

A participant making a presentation

Alhassan Sayibu – one of the representatives of the Muslim community – said, “SELL as a programme, personally I will say is good and every youth should be part of it. This is my second appearance and I have been able to learn a lot. I have shared with my friends my experiences; my past and present.”

Alhassan, a teacher by profession said he was particularly touched by one of the sessions during the programme – Johari’s Window. “It gave me an in-depth knowledge of myself”, he added. He expressed his appreciation to SELL for giving him the opportunity to participate in the programme.

There are 6 units of the SELL Programme and some auxiliary units. It takes 3 years to complete the entire units of the programme. A volunteer is awarded facilitator’s and participation certificates upon completion of all units and then fully commissioned. Only a participation certificate is awarded for completing at least 4 units of the programme.

Participants in a group discussion

In all, forty-two (42) volunteer facilitators were trained.

The newly-trained facilitators committed themselves to all the processes and the programme, and have been provided with the needed logistics to enable them to carry out workshops in their respective communities.

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