Welcome to the year 2022 with SELL

Greetings from all of us at the Sharing Education and Learning for Life (SELL) Programme Ghana, we are thrilled to begin this amazing year with your family, friends, benefactors, partners and colleagues. The year 2021 brought its own beauty and challenges but we walked hand in hand with you to ensure that we contributed to the change we have all been yearning for.
As we begin this year with hope we reminisce the great year we had with you and we are grateful for the kindness you expressed in different forms to ensure that young people were supported to become change makers in our communities. We are full of gratitude!
As we put our faith into action and work to actualize God’s dream of oneness among all people, we do it with you in our thoughts and prayers. The challenges of yesterday, although might linger on, there is beauty in the hope of this New Year and the opportunity to begin anew each day.
We wish you the very best of the year 2022 and envisage a good journey with you to impact more young people. A fruitful year to all of us!

Vincent Agyei
Executive Team Leader

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the year 2022 with SELL

  1. Thanks a lot and for your willingness to help impart knowledge on the growing youth. Keep the good works coming

  2. Thanks for your encouraging message our able Executive Team Leader,Vincent.God bless you all.Long live the Youth,long live the leadership, long live SELL GHANA.

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