Walewale: Students sensitized on ‘Care for the Earth’

The SELL Programme Ghana’s Commissioned Volunteers of the Bolgatanga Cluster Team embarked on an awareness-raising campaign on the environment.

It took place at the St. Joseph’s R/C Junior High School (JHS) in Walewale in the North East Region, Tuesday, March 29.

The campaign aimed to help the students explore the harm and threats caused to the environment, due to the actions and inactions of humans, and to encourage effective ways of restoring the earth which nourishes and supports us.

Class by class, they took the students through practical processes which exposed the everyday activities of humans which constantly degrades the environment. The students were also taught ways they can reduce, reuse and recycle plastic material.

A volunteer leading a session

The students creatively put together messages through drawings and poems communicating and raising awareness on the need to care for our common home.

A section of the students

A beautiful poem by JHS 3 student, Melissah Vuguseh goes:
“My Environment,
                                 My environment and I are friends.
                                 It is the source of what I need to live.
                                 As I protect it, it also helps me to survive.
                                 Studying science has made me to know better about it.
                                 Living a comfortable life comes from it.
                                Without you, the world will not prosper.
                                And if the world prospers, it is me and you.
                               Therefore, there is the need for me to protect it [environment].”

One hundred and seventy-seven (177) students and teachers of the school each received a earth day branded book and a pen.

The activity is part of the Programme’s advocacy campaign on care for the environment and climate action. World Earth Day 2022 falls on April 22 and is on the theme: “Invest In Our Planet.”

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  1. This great achievement was attained through the selfless efforts of the SELL Resource Team. All thanks to God and the entire Resource Team ; especially Francis Abanga for always reaching out to is in times of our greatest need

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