Wa Zone: Workshops organized in 3 communities

From May 21-23, workshops were organized in Nandom, Fielmuo and Gwollu communities in the Wa zone.
The three workshops focused on the Community Building unit of the SELL Programme.
Participants were drawn from Bu, Ko, Pataal, Tantuo, Kegle, Ketuo, Puffien, Baseeble, Gengenkpe, Chapuri, Sorbelle, Daffiama, Piina, Billaw, Lambussie, Koro, Gberkuo, Hakyagagangn, Samoa, Buo, Liero, Kyebogo, Kellegangn, and Gaaper communities in Nandom Municipal, Sissala West District and Sissala East Municipal of the Upper West Region.
Participants in a group discussion
Trained volunteer facilitators steered the sessions aimed at helping them build and sustain genuine community life. They also explored inter-cultural living, challenging them to see beyond the biases, stereotypes, and prejudices no matter which ethnic or religious group they come from.
Participants performing the closing circle
The SELL Resource Team members were there respectively as support persons. Sixty-five (65) young adults participated in Nandom, thirty-seven (37) in Fielmuo, and thirty-three (33) in Gwollu.
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