Training And Workshops


The approach the SELL Programme takes to addressing the problem and challenges of young people is by doing grassroots work with young people in their communities. We identify those capable of being trained as volunteer facilitators who now go back into their target area/communities, to work with more young people.

As they work with these young people, more who have the potential to be facilitators of the programme and leaders are identified and trained there by spreading the impact of the programme and reaching more young people. From amongst these trained volunteer facilitators, we identify and train mentors who become extra support for their local teams. The hope is to still be able to identify and train from our volunteers, trainers who will have the capacity to train volunteer facilitators in their communities.

Therefore, our hope is that anyone trained in the processes who are interested in the Integrated Human Development Peace building and Justice Programme will be able to successfully facilitate a discussion forum of shared experiences on the above-mentioned units, with a group of young people. The SELL Resource Team provides the training and we equip the young persons trained with the required skills in facilitation and group work, with knowledge on the various themes stated above and resource kits so as to carry out the local work in their communities.

We have found that young people find it difficult to take time off from work, markets, farming activities, or other responsibilities during weekdays and that the best opportunity for people to participate in the workshops and discussion forums is at weekends. Each unit therefore is designed to run as a weekend programme. It could also be done over three or four evenings but these would need to be consecutively run. There is a wealth of materials in many manuals to support those who are trained to deliver the SELL programme. In the SELL Manual we have referenced the manuals and books we have found most helpful. We know that our facilitators are finding the manual user friendly and are finding it an effective guide in building communities that we hope will foster peace and inclusiveness. The intent of our work is to invite people to touch in their hearts the hope that humankind can live in unity and peace while celebrating diversity.

Our desire therefore is to help young people recognise religious pluralism and celebrate the diversity of faiths cultures and traditions. This sensitivity to people’s Spirituality is critical as we encourage working with interfaith groups where young people can listen to other young people from different faith (in this case usually Christians and Muslims).

The other areas we encourage great sensitivity around are inclusive language, cultural identity, and the rights of women and Care for the earth. All trained facilitators would ensure that these concerns are developed and reflected upon appropriately within each unit. We encourage the use of inclusive language when delivering the SELL Programme. We have set ourselves a huge task but with the interest we are seeing from our volunteers we are confident a lot of good can come from this work.

The logistics (time and venue) for the delivery of the Programme Unit is set by the target group. To cover the full programme, all the units would demand a minimum of 60 hours work. However, each unit does stand as a complete piece in itself.

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