Tamale Zone: Zonal Meeting organized for Commissioned Volunteers

A maiden Zonal Meeting was organized for commissioned volunteers of the Tamale zone.

The meeting which took place on June 18-19 at the Youth Centre was to get the volunteers – commissioned in August 2020 – to reconnect and make concrete plans of activities for the zone as SELL volunteers.

Key among other issues discussed, was for the respective cluster teams to visualize success stories they intend to achieve by impacting positively on other young adults what they have learned through the SELL programme.

Commissioned Volunteers in group planning

New names of cluster teams were created for the zone; Tommy Central, Leo Northern, Maureen Southern, and Pauline Eastern – named after pioneers of the SELL Programme.

Most importantly, the respective teams put together various activity plans they hope to undertake for the benefit of the wider community in the Northern Region.

By: Communications Person

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