The SELL Programme has 6 thematic areas known as Units of the SELL Programme.

1. Self Awareness

This unit seeks to deepen our knowledge of ourselves. We do this by recognizing our gifts and talents and the type of personalities we have. It is about a call to know oneself.

2. Leadership

This unit invites us to look at how we have experienced people in authority, leadership and power, the impact the experiences have had on us and to discover our own leadership style.

3. Peace Builiding

This Unit helps people to look at the impact and effect of violence on their lives. It invites us to choose to be peacemakers in all of life’s situation. Violence happens between people, so we have to look at how we manage our relationships.

4. Community Building

Here we look at the task of building and sustaining a genuine community. The challenge of intercultural living is explored.

5. Wisdom Of Tradition

This unit explores our traditions, their wisdom and the way we have been influenced by them. We also explore our faith history and its impact on our relationship with one another. We are invited to look at building interfaith relationships.

6. Justice

This Unit aims at furthering our critical thinking and to ask important questions. We ask why our political, economic, cultural and spiritual structure are as they are. We also look at how Peace and Justice are intrinsically connected.