SELL conducts Mentoring Training in Wa

The Sharing Education and Learning for Life Programme Ghana has conducted a 2nd Mentoring Training for some volunteer facilitators in the Wa zone.

The purpose of the training is to build their capacity to understand mentoring as they take up the additional role as support persons for the SELL Programme Ghana.

It took place, Feb. 4-6, at the Spiritual Renewal Centre in Wanye – a suburb of Wa, Upper West Region. It was a follow-up training held last year which gave them an opening perspective on mentoring.

Mentors in small group discussion

The participatory processes helped the support persons explore further the meaning of mentoring, their experiences of being mentored and awareness-raising on human trafficking.

As the work of SELL grows, their supporting roles will be needed to help the Resource Team reach other communities in the zone.

By: Communications Person

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