Sell Begins New Year With A Retreat

For solitude, prayer and reflection, and as it is with beginning with our Programme year, the SELL Programme Ghana organized a retreat for the Resource Team including three new members.

The retreat which took place on the 10th to 14th January, 2021 at the Centre for Spiritual Renewal in Kumasi was on the theme: “Spiritual Awakening in your personal journey.”

Retreat director, Rev. Fr. Peter Laast (CSSP) guided team members through various spiritual sessions including, conference sharing and desert experience. Members also took part in the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Members had the opportunity to get inspired for fruitful spiritual repose. Fr. Laast said the key words in spiritual awakening were faithfulness, availability and loyalty and that those three virtues should transcend one’s behaviours, preferences and convictions.

He emphasized on the need to find God in all things. Inspired by the Gospel of Matthew (chapter 18), each team member shared a reflection on humility, caring and sharing, responsibility, fraternal correction, efficacy of prayer and forgiveness. The purpose of the inspiration was for members to see the team as a kingdom community and its importance in the field of work.

The retreat ended successfully with team members spiritually renewed.

It is an annual programme and is in line with SELL’s working culture.

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