Sahel Peace Initiative: RRR workshop organized in Sawla

As part of activities being carried out under the Sahel Peace Initiative (SPI), a Rising from Resilient Roots (RRR) workshop was organized in Sawla.

The event which occurred on July 23-24, convoked youth from various communities in the western part of the Savannah Region.
Participants were taken through various sessions aimed at helping them feel increased resilience and contribute to positive change in their families and communities.

Fifty-three (53) young adults, including six (6) Muslim brothers and sisters participated in the workshop.

SPI is a project of the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and is implemented in five Catholic Dioceses of the Northern Province, partnering with SELL Programme Ghana and other stakeholders. The project seeks to raise awareness on the extreme crisis in the conflict-ridden Sahel region, advocate for peace, and mobilize humanitarian and development actions to save lives in Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Cote d’Ivoire, and Ghana.

By: Communications Person

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