Sahel Peace Initiative: RRR workshop held in Bongo

A Rising from Resilient Roots (RRR) workshop was organized for the Navrongo-Bolgatanga diocese, March 19-20.

It took place at the Youth Center in Vea-Bongo and brought together young adults from various communities in the Upper East Region.

The workshop is part of the Sahel Peace Initiative (SPI) of the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) with SELL Programme Ghana as partners in its implementation.

The purpose is to help participants find internal balance, strengthen their identity and learn new coping skills in order to increase hope and well-being in themselves and their communities.

Some of the participants said, the various activities they undertook created positive mindsets in them, taught them diverse ways of dealing with the challenges in life, and enhanced the never-give-up spirit in them.

Twenty-nine (29) persons participated.

By: Communications Person

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