Sahel Peace Initiative: Rising from Resilient Roots workshop organized in Damongo

A Rising from Resilient Roots (RRR) workshop has taken place in the Damongo zone.

The RRR program is a component of the Sahel Peace Initiative (SPI) implemented by the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in five (5) countries (i.e Niger, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Mali) to raise awareness of the conflict crisis in the Sahel region, advocate for change, and mobilize humanitarian and development actions to save lives in some of those countries.

In Ghana, the SPI project is being implemented in five (5) Catholic dioceses of the Northern Province, with the Sharing Education and Learning for Life (SELL) Programme Ghana, as a partner in its implementation.

The program is to help young adults find internal balance, strengthen their identity and learn new coping skills in order to increase hope and well-being in themselves and their communities.

About forty (40) participants, drawn from various faith groups and organizations gathered at the Center for Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies in the Savannah Regional capital, February 19-21, for the workshop.

They explored various activities aimed at helping them to learn ways of gaining inner healing that can transform their immediate surroundings, communities and societies. It also taught them about their strengths so as to be more confident and powerful.

Participants shared in diverse ways how to develop a positive view of themselves and to build hope for the future, based on their skills, achievements, and what they have learned from their lives so far, despite its difficulties and disappointments.

The young adults were also given the opportunity to envision peace in their communities and the important role they can play to ensure peace reigns in where they live and beyond.

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