Sahel Peace Initiative: Resilience-strengthening workshop takes place in Bolgatanga

As part of the Sahel Peace Initiative (SPI) project, a Rising from Resilient Roots (RRR) workshop was organized in Bolgatanga, May 6-7.

The two-day event brought together Muslim and Christian youth of various denominations from Bolgatanga, Navrongo, Zaare, Pobaga, Tindonsobligo, Damweo, Bolga Soe, Namoo and Yorogo communities in the Upper East Region.

Participants were taken through a series of activities aimed at helping them find internal balance, strengthen their identity and learn new coping skills to increase hope and well-being in themselves and their communities.

One-on-one sharing at the workshop

Practically, the young people sketched their individual ‘tree of life’ and in sharing with others, it helped them develop a positive view of themselves and build hope for the future, based on their skills, achievements and what they have learned from their lives so far, despite its difficulties and disappointments.

They were also empowered to change how they feel by changing how they think and vice versa.

Individually and in groups, they creatively put together images of their own visions of peace which broadly reflected diversity in all cultures to enhance peaceful co-existence in their respective communities.

Group presentation at the workshop

Other activities also helped them appreciate that, they are different but they are also the same – their lives are like a part of a forest when they all support each other and grow together, they are connected in ways that makes them stronger.

Fifty-six (56) youth participated in the workshop.

The SPI is a project of the Catholic Relief Services (CRS). In Ghana, it is being implemented with partnership from Catholic Dioceses in the Tamale Ecclesiastical Province, SELL Ghana and other stakeholders.

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  1. That was great. It’s always nice to see youth of different denominations coming together to share their life experiences. Connects everyone in the world 😊😊

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