Our History

In West Africa the SELL programme traces its origin to a programme developed in Northern Nigeria by Maureen Sheehy, Pauline Connolly and Tommy Hayden which was called Ilmin Kowa meaning education for all in Hausa.

In 2002 the name SELL (Sharing Education and Learning for Life) was taken up and it came to Ghana in 2006. From 2006 to 2012, the Resource Team in Nigeria came to Ghana and trained volunteers who were running workshops in various communities and institution in the Southern part of Ghana.

In 2015, the SELL Programme came to Northern Ghana upon invitation by Bishop Alfred Agyenta of Navrongo Bolgatanga Diocese. The invitation was through the Presentation Brothers’ West Africa who had been in consultation with St. Patricks’ Missionary Society (SPMS), the initiators of the SELL Programme in Nigeria. SPMS sent two (2) Resource Persons, Frs. Leo Traynor and Tommy Hayden who together with two trained volunteers from Kumasi Vincent Agyei and John Evans Barnes established the SELL Resource Centre at the Presentation Brothers Education Outreach Centre (EOC) in Logre-Kongo, Upper East Region.

In 2016, the 1st Resource Team in Ghana made up of Frs. Leo Traynor and Tommy Hayden and Vincent Agyei started the outreach work local communities within the Upper East Region (including some parts of the now North East Region) of Ghana. Within that same year the outreach continued to Northern Region and Resource Team strength was increased to 5 persons to include Hagar Bebuur and later Joshua Agbaung Anambe. By the end of the year 2020 the SELL Programme in Ghana had reached all the Regions of the Northern part of Ghana namely; Upper East, Northern, North East, Upper West and Savannah Regions of Ghana.

Currently, the Programme has 185 volunteers within the Northern sector who run stepdown workshops in their various local communities within the Region. Out of the 185 young adults, 60 have been commissioned as Volunteer facilitators of the Programme haven gone through trainings on the 6 Units of the Programme and been mentored by the members of the SELL Resource Team over a period of 3 years. We have 125 volunteers still under training and mentoring.