Damongo Zone: Workshops held in Busunu and Tuna

Step-down workshops were organized in Busunu and Tuna in the Savannah Region, February 11th-13th.

The respective workshops focused on the Peace Building unit of the SELL Programme. Volunteer facilitators took participants through sessions which invited them to choose to be peacemakers in all of life’s situations.

In Tuna, the youth were drawn from Kalba, Kulmasa, Konfali, Pinvuro, Yipala, Soma and Tuna communities.

Enriching Experience

Participants shared that, the workshops offered them helpful ways of knowing how to manage their anger and conflict for their own growth and well-being. Others also said, the forgiveness stories of the widely praised Nelson Mandela and Malala Yousafzai touched them and will inspire their personal decisions to let go of resentment and thoughts of revenge when offended.

A participant making a group presentation

In Busunu, thirty-nine (39) young people participated, including fifteen (15) Muslims and thirty-one (31) in Tuna with four (4) Muslims.

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