Damongo Zone: Step-down workshops held in 3 communities

Following up on their training last November, the Bamboi-Tinga, Damongo (Canteen Community) and Sawla team of volunteers organized workshops in their respective communities.

In Tinga, it took place on 14th to 16th January, 2022 and brought together young adults from Jama, Carpenter, Teselima, Kwame-Kwesi and Tinga communities in the Bole District of the Savannah Region.

A participant making a group presentation

The workshops in Damongo and Sawla happened on 21st to 23rd January, 2022.

They focused on the Peace Building unit of the SELL Programme, with sessions on Big Jo, Memories, Analysis Tree, Sexual Abuse and Anger/Conflict Management.

Notably, participants were helped to recognize that, the journey of life is always connected to their emotions and they need to grow in awareness of how they feel and where it comes from in order to manage it so as to ensure it does not have a negative effect on themselves and others.

Discussion in the plenary

Thirty-one (31) young adults participated in Tinga, thirty-two (32) in Canteen, whilst some thirty-one (31) selected students of St. Cyprian Minor Seminary SHS (including three Muslims) and some youth took part in Sawla.

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