Damongo Zone: SELL holds training on Peace Building

The Sharing Education and Learning for Life (SELL) Programme Ghana conducted its 3rd training for volunteer facilitators in the Damongo Zone.

It took place, Nov 4-7, at the Unity Centre and focused on the Peace Building Unit, which is immanent of the Programme.
In the 4-day program, plenary and group discussions invoked streams of consciousness on the effects of violence and invited them to choose to be peacemakers in all of life’s situations.

Volunteers in the plenary


Some of the volunteers shared the impact of the training on their lives.
Sayibu Maruf Muhaz, Leader of Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Lingbinsi averred that, “This training will help me to communicate wisely to my community people, most especially on child abuse and forgiveness stories. I will try to put this in my sermons.”

A volunteer making a presentation

“It will help me on how to manage anger and live in peace with everyone in society. It will also help me to stop assuming and predicting some causes of problems but rather find out the rationale behind every problem,” said Peter Bavug from Lingbinsi.

Yiriyele Winifred from Sawla posited that, “it will help me contribute well to my community by letting them understand that, peace building is not about religion or tribe.”

Group Discussion

“Having been well equipped with methods, ways, and strategies of dealing with conflicts and building peace in the society, applying them in real life in the community will be a bonus and a plus,” Kponkpori Sulemana Solomon opined.

Forty-five (45) young adults participated in the training, including three members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission.


Having undergone the training, the eight teams in the zone are expected to run step-down workshops in Damongo, Bole, Busunu, Bamboi, Buipei, Sawla, and Tuna communities of the Savannah Region, for the benefit of other young people. The SELL Resource Team members will attend the respective workshops as support persons.

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  1. Just great to read this report so encouraging. Well done one and all. I pray your work keeps bearing fruit and supporting the lives of young adults.

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