Damongo Zone: Sawla Team Holds Workshop on Community Building

The Sawla Team’s trainee volunteer facilitators conducted a workshop on SELL Programme’s Community Building unit in Sawla, July 29-31.

The participants went through a variety of sessions where they looked at ways of establishing and maintaining true community life, overcoming the difficulty of coexisting with people from different cultures, affirming the crucial role that women play in society – a role that is frequently undervalued and the necessity of protecting the environment.

After learning about human behaviors that imperil the environment, Anthony Yenya, one of the participants, expressed concern about the harm made.

“From today, I understand that we are the environment and whatever we do to the environment comes back to us and I am now thinking of making the ‘little’ world a better place,” Yenya said.

Plenary session of the Workshop

On his part, Peter Pivour agreed with Yenya and underlined the need to step up activism for environmental protection.

“It has helped me to be mindful of the need to care for the environment and to intensify advocacy for it… to impact the knowledge acquired here unto others by living a life that can be emulated by those around me.”

Other participants also praised the participatory nature of the workshop and stated that the experienced had “changed them.”

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