Damongo Zone: 4th Training takes place

The Sharing Education and Learning for Life (SELL) Programme Ghana conducted the 4th training for its volunteer facilitators in the Damongo zone.

The training was on the Community Building unit of the Programme and took place at the Unity Centre in the Savannah Regional capital, June 2-5.

During the training, the volunteers were taken through Mind Map on the Word Community, Process Work on Identity, Exploration of Perspectives, Global Community (Care for the Earth), and Role of Women, Sexual Addiction and Internet (Sexuality) and other capacity building sessions.

Exploration of Perspectives Session

These practical processes looked at the task of building and sustaining genuine community life, the challenge of inter-cultural living; deepening their awareness of how they perceive those they live with within their communities, affirming the central role women play in life that is often not appreciated, valued and respected and the need to consciously care for the environment.

Capacity Building
As part of efforts to develop their competencies and skills that can make them more effective, the trainees went through the exercise of ‘Building with What You Have’. In complete silence, they worked together to build something creative and meaningful using diverse objects. This sought to strengthen corporation as they continue to work in teams in their various communities.

All-male discussion on the Role of Women in Society

They were also put into groups where they reflected on the themes (Thinking, Team Work, Social Media and Care for the Earth) and used their own creativity to communicate on each of them in open presentations.

Community Workshops
In the future, the trainees are expected to organize step-down workshops in their communities for the benefit of other young people. They have been supported with kits for that purpose.

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