Commissioned Volunteers: Bawku Cluster team holds workshop in Pusiga

Commissioned Volunteers of the Bawku Cluster team in the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Zone organized a workshop for some students of the Gbewaa College of Education.

The workshop which took place on February 20 in Pusiga, Upper East Region was on the Self Awareness unit of the SELL Programme.

In one of the sessions under the unit; transactional analysis – a facilitator and one of the volunteers dramatized particular behaviors from each person and got corresponding outcomes. The drama was to teach them that, no matter how old we are, there are within each person different modes of being; child behavior, parent behavior, and adult behavior. They further explored how to respond to such behaviors when they encounter them in their lives.

Some of the participants who shared comments with facilitators on the sidelines of the event said, “the insight of this program had never
existed before on campus” and is “impactful.”

Fifteen (15) students participated in the workshop.

By: Communications Person

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