Care for the Earth: World Earth Day marked in Garu

The Sharing Education and Learning for Life (SELL) Programme’s Commissioned Volunteers in Garu organized an awareness-raising program on Care for the Earth to mark World Earth Day.

The program was for students of Father Morin and Duri Junior High Schools in the Garu District of the Upper East Region and took place on Friday, April 23.

The students were taken through sessions that educated them on the threats to the earth, the importance of environmental protection, and the need to care for the earth.

Clean-up exercise in Holy Angels Parish

About two hundred (200) students benefitted from Earth Day branded exercise books.

Furthermore, on April 24, together with some youth, they embarked on a clean-up exercise in the Holy Angels Parish and later engaged in a conversation on Garu-based radio station Quality FM, where they discussed the need to care for our common home.

By: Communications Person

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