About The Sell Programme


The Sharing Education and Learning for Life Programme, Ghana, which we refer to as ‘SELL Programme Ghana’, is an Integrated Human Development Peace Building and Justice Programme for young adults. It is run by a team of young Ghanaians supported by available resource persons.

About Sell Programme Ghana

The title of the programme, Sharing Education and Learning for Life, indicates that it uses a participatory approach in the form of Sharing—Reflection—Action planning. This methodology is based on the thinking of the Brazilian Educationist Paulo Freire who believed that Education should begin with a respect for the dignity of each person and learning from shared experiences.

His method promoted the liberation of the person through participative learning, where people learn by starting with what they know. Therefore, starting with where the young people are at, the SELL Programme uses participatory processes and simulations, creating an atmosphere where young people can share their experiences and learn from one another.

Most of the materials we reference are based on a participatory approach to education and learning. It is related to the numerous Training for Transformation (TFT) around the world. Therefore, most of the material referenced is based on a participatory approach to education and learning.

The programme is geared towards building and supporting young people and giving them capacity to actively participate in the development of their communities.

These units/themes on different aspects of life are in accordance with generative issues learned from the young people themselves in the course of our working with the young people in the Northern Ghana in particular but we have found they resonate with young adults across the sub region.

We identified the focus areas through various Focus Group Discussions (FGD), advocacy and workshops with the young people in the communities of the Northern Ghana between 2016 and 2017. The themes and cross cutting issues then have been identified by young people themselves as areas where they are most challenged and needing support so that they can develop themselves and their communities.

Over the years a facilitators’ manual has been developed which contains the processes and the units and themes offered by the programme.

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